The Innovation Route during HortiContact 2019

The greenhouse horticulture sector is developing. From extensive trading platforms to water-soluble fertilizer. There will be many novelties during the upcoming edition of HortiContact. Because of this there will be a special route on the exhibition floor for the novelties.

The participants of the Innovation Route will be visible on the exhibition floor by a yellow innovation tile in front of the stand. You will also receive a flyer at the entrance with the companies who participate. Read here more about the submitted innovations.


30MHz offers ZENSIE: a central data platform for the agricultural sector, which is constantly being developed in close collaboration with professionals from the horticulture and agri sector.

ABZ Seeds has developed a F1 hybrid strawberry Delizzimo® that makes it possible to give tasty strawberries all winter long, in a sustainable way!

Agrozone has developed De Waterscan which gives you an idea of the hygiene and therefore also the quality in your entire water system.

Anexo offers E-Web Geo, a trading platform with smart control of heat, where the source holder and the participant can coordinate and exchange the demand and supply of heat.

Anorel comes with Silacon that helps in the formation of strong and healthy crops, which also show increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.

Aponix has developed a vertical, groundless growth platform for urban agriculture.

Aqua4D-Lescrauwaet brings an innovative combination application of electromagnetism, electrical engineering and water technology. Molecular water structure improvement through electromagnetic signals makes the water pipes cleaner and the plants more resilient.

BÈTA Industrie offers a horticultural filter: 100% purify water without consuming filter material.

Bieau has the EcoClearProx, a patented, innovative stabilized hydrogen peroxide of nutritional quality.

Carbon Gold comes with Biology Blend a biochar product enriched with mycorrhizae, trichoderma, seaweed and wormcasts, specially formulated for both organic and conventional commercial growers.

CH20 offers the Sure Flow chlorine dioxide which prevents clogging, pollution and rejection. Also a new microdosing solution that hydrogeneroxide or other liquid products dose, secured and controlled.

Chrystal has brought Chrysal Viva to the market. Chrystal Viva helps the grower to stimulate branch induction at Phalaenopsis.

DCL Europe has developed a new catalyst that cleans flue gases from NOx gases. The Metalcor SCR is more compact than ceramic SCR catalysts, lasts longer and is therefore more user-friendly and efficient.

DCM offers DCM VISCOTEC® BLUE, a unique water-soluble fertilizer in gel form for organic and conventional cultivation.

Delphy and AgroEnergy jointly develop the methodologies for various automated calculation and control models. They are also working together on a product that makes autonomous cultivation management possible in practice.

Delta-N announces the GAP-APP. A solution for simplifying the reporting for the GLOBALG.A.P. certificate.

ErfGoed introduces a cloth with fire retardant effect for the cultivation floor. In addition tot he uniform water permeability and high UV resistance, there is now also a variant of this ground cloth with fire retardant effect.

Evanthia comes with Helianthus, White Nite, a sunflower with a special color scheme for a special customer segment.

Fluence Bioengineering has developed VYPR LED Lights which extend ranges of days and seasons, so growers can grow consistent products, reliably predict shipments and execute orders year-round.

FruitMasters launches a new apple called Tessa. Tessa is sweet, crunchy and a star in hardness.

GraphicAll presents a unique solution at the fair that allows you to print color labels such as slot labels yourself.

Greenyard Horticulture developed an innovative technology to bring useful micro-organisms to life: the cultivation medium Hortiviv®.

Grodan introduces e-Gro; the new software platform for data driven Precision Growing. With e-Gro, the available data in the greenhouse is translated into a complete and clear view of root zone, crop, climate, irrigation and production, 24/7.

Haifa has a new product: Haifa GrowClean. A sodium-poor phosphate fertilizer with a cleaning effect.

Hans van der Meijs comes with a cooling cell to store biological control at the desired temperature.

Horticoop offers the rotation filter. The filters remove organic residual material from your irrigation water or drainage water, such as plant and root residues. After this you can reuse the water again.

IFG Cresco developed PhormiTex Eclipse Dry which creates active humidity control.

Kemeling Kunststoffen presents the A B dosing tank. This plastic tank has been developed to optimally mix (A & B) fertilizers in water for water technical horticultural installations.

Koen Pack has now available: compostable plant covers in various sizes, made from water-repellent paper. They have also added 100% biodegradable covers to the standard assortment.

LRE Weighing technology comes with the DTS-V weighing table. The unique modular arrangement makes it possible to create different configurations with various attachements, making the table multi-usable.

Megaphoton presents a new lighting product for vegetable greenhouses.

Nitea has developed Service-IT and a new Staff Portal has also been added to the Work-IT portfolio.

Nivola has developed a unique sulfur tablet in collaboration with Glastuinbouw Nederland and AFEPASA. Thanks to these sulfur tablets, mildew control with the help of the sulfur evaporator is guaranteed in Dutch horticulture.

Novarbo has developed Mosswool® a new sustainable growing media for the production of greenhouse vegetables.

Optiplug comes with the Pillow Plug®, developed for tissue culture. For the Pillow Plus it is fairly easy to fold around young roots, without damaging them.

Orgapower introduces Trichoderma core mix 100 for Substrate or full ground greenhouse.

ParXtra presents the ParXtra Booster. The ParXtra Booster is an innovative device that allows you to control the growth of a plant.

Plantosys has developed Nutricin. Nutricin is suitable for growers who want to find the stimulating effect of the silicon, the plant-strengthening effect of salicylic acid, and to add the necessary trace elements, which plants can get from the soil less and less.

Precimet introduces an automatic trolley for spraying plants in greenhouses.

Priva has an online operating environment Priva Operator, which gives you real-time insight into the processes in your greenhouse. Also a new process computer: Priva Compact CC. The Compact CC controls the most essential processes for climate and water, including ventilation, heating, CO2 and water supply.

ProCC has the ProCC system for small, medium and large companies in greenhouse horticulture that are looking for flexibility.

PureBlue comes with the SonoForce ++, a new product for the removal of crop protection products in the drainage water of greenhouse horticulture.

Remmert Dekker has the Duo Delicious & Top Seal. For the Duo Delicious an existing tray has been developed into a model with a division. Top Seal is a sustainable fruit and vegetable container, made even more sustainable by means of a cardboard top seal technique.

Rofianda is launching a LED fixture with a LED chip made in collaboration with Seoul Semiconductor. The fixture has a PPFD value of 500µmol/m2/s and a length of 180 cm, so that the light is evenly distributed over the bed.

Santon Switchgear produces RETROFIT sets. These sets are designed to replace old or defective circuit breakers for a new one.

Sercom develops a compact combi-print: an i / o print that is specially designed for the smaller department.

Signatanks, Chemtanks B.V. and Carbery Plastics Ltd have in recent years been working on the development of a casting storage tank with Kiwa label suitable for liquid fertilizers / chemicals.

Stedin launches together with TenneT, Enexis and Westland Ifra GOPACS: the smart platform for solving congestion on our electricity grid.

Van Tuijl has developed various new containers and pots for strawberries, soft fruit and raspberry growers.

WPS comes with SmartStaff an automatic packaging line for pot plants and consists of 5 modules that together ensure that plants are in the tray, wrapped, labeled and ready for transport.