Recycling GO 2017

The Benelux’ Heart of the Recycling Industry

For the eighth consecutive year, Evenementenhal Gorinchem will be hosting the Recycling trade fair. The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in recycling. In waste prevention, reuse, and recycling, the country is among the top 5 in Europe. A reason for pride.We can be proud of. Partly because of this, the trade fair once again guarantee a wide platform; of suppliers of ingenious parts to producers of large recycling plants.

 Are you employed in the waste collection, processing, and recycling sector, or in construction and demolition? The Recycling trade fair is your must-visit trade show. United we strengthen the industry!

Themes and Subjects
Subjects such as circular economy, chain cooperation, laws and regulations, innovations, and developments will be discussed in-depth. The themes of Reduce, Re-use, and Recycling will receive special attention. Wednesday morning, BRBS Recycling will be organising the Recycling conference, after which industry-minded participants will be taking the trade floor. Also the fair organisation welcomes a delegation of twenty Ghanaian companies. They are active in the waste sector and looking for available technology and expertise in Netherlands.

Trade Floor Experience
You can follow a predefined Must-See Route along exhibitors’ innovations, visit the Start-Up Pavilion, and attend a valuable knowledge programme. Additionally, there is a Construction and Demolition Area for the construction and demolition sectors. Like preceding years, Troostwijk will be organising an online auction for recycling machinery, amongst other items. This edition there is the Participation and Innovation Award to win.

Valuable Partners
To maintain our relationship with the recycling market, we’ve initiated a board of advisors. Its members are the exhibitors Van der Spek, Van Werven, and BinBang, trade organisation BRBS Recycling, and media partner Eisma. They will be supporting us with market information, and shaping the concept further.



Exhibitors profile

Typical exhibitors at Recycling trade fair are manufacturers, importers, suppliers, advisors, wholesalers, or brokers from the following sectors:

  • Containers and container systems
  • Sorting and sifting machines
  • Construction and demolition machines, grippers and cutters
  • Recycling machines and equipment, shredders
  • Trade organisations
  • Software and automation
  • Waste collection facilities
  • Pressing plants
  • Waste collectors
  • Recycling companies
  • Weighing systems
  • Knowledge institutes
  • Collection techniques and means
  • Environmental technologies
  • Other | Dust control, magnets, transportation and conveyor belts, forklifts & facing materials

Visitors profile

Typical visitors of the Recycling trade fair are active in the following industry segments:

  •  Recyclers
  • Waste collectors
  • Municipalities | waste collection officials
  • Waste generating companies
  • Other | Blast furnaces, metal processing industry, knowledge institutes, counselling agencies

Exhibition programme

Day 1   Tuesday 24 October 2017 13.00 - 21.00 hour
13.00 - 21.00

Viewing Day 1 – Submitted lots may be viewed on Recycling’s trade floor.

Troostwijk Veilingen B.V.
Day 2   Wednesday 25 October 2017 13.00 - 21.00 hour
09.00 - 13.00

Het Recycling Conference

This 6th edition of the highly appraised, and rapidly growing Recycling Conference boasts a promising programme, led by Simone van Trier for the second year in a row.

The conference attracts recycling industry directors, company leaders, policy officials, and employees, central and regional governments, manufacturing industry, suppliers, and educational institutions. Please click here for more information.

BRBS Recycling - FHG - ENVAQUA
13.00 - 21.00

Viewing Day 2 – Submitted lots may be reviewed on Recycling’s trade floor

Troostwijk Veilingen B.V.
Day 3   Thursday 26 October 2017 13.00 - 21.00 hour
13.00 - 21.00

Viewing Day 3 - Submitted lots may be reviewed on Recycling’s trade floor

Troostwijk Veilingen B.V.

Setup days:: Saturday 21 October 2017 08:00 - 16.00 hour, Monday 23 October 2017 08:00 - 17.00 hour

Dismantling days:: Thursday 26 October 2017 21:15 - 00.00 hour, Friday 27 October 2017 07:00 - 14.00 hour

Additional information

Outdoor Yard: All Eyes on Your Company

Would you like your company to be in the spotlights even more during Recycling 2017? Rent your extra space on the Outdoor Yard. Here, you can display or even demonstrate your machines. Visitors will get a better look at, and feel for your product or service. You can take advantage of this opportunity for only €500. Please contact Severa Dos Santos. Be quick though, as availability is limited.


Trade Fair Special

Recycling Magazine will be taking care of the Trade Fair Special for this edition. Would you like to be featured? Please follow this link for a summary of possibilities, and contact details.


Troostwijk Auction during Recycling Trade Fair: got some spare equipment?

Would you like to quickly and transparently establish a fair price for your redundant equipment? Then participating in Troostwijk’s international auctions is your way to success. Submit your machinery or parts for auction by an international auctioneer. Over the last 90 years, Troostwijk has compiled a database of potential buyers for your equipment. As Troostwijk has subsidiaries in many European countries, almost any potential buyer may view the website in their own language, and consult a Troostwijk employee by telephone. Auction your equipment and parts risk-free. Should you wish to withdraw your items after the auctions, there are no costs for trade fair participants (this does not include other auction participants).

Telephone: +31 20 66 66 500

Recycling Conference - 25 October 2017, 9:00 – 13:00 hours.

Wednesday morning will see the start of the highly esteemed and rapidly growing Recycling Conference’s sixth edition. Around 250 recycling industry directors, company leaders, policy makers, and employees, as well as central and regional governments, manufacturing industry professionals, suppliers, and educational institutions are expected to attend. The programme looks promising, considering which speakers took the stage in previous editions.

Of course, the Recycling Award 2017 for students (professionals in training) will be awarded, and a surprise element will not be absent either. For the second year in a row, this all takes place under the tight and glowing guidance of Simone van Trier.

Participation Award 2016

During the last day of the trade fair, participants who maximised their trade fair results were handed the Participation Award. In 2015, Ditoil won the Participation Award, which they handed over to BinBang in 2016.

Of course, BinBang deservedly won the award. Their stand beautifully embraced the Circular Economy theme, and they actively promoted their participation beforehand. To top it off, they contributed to the extensive knowledge programme on the trade floor. In short, BinBang really maximised their participation results!

BinBang’s 2016 stand during Recycling 2016

BinBang made a video about the traide fair particiation including a flashmob they did on the trading floor.

BinBang presents: Circular Economy from BinBang on Vimeo.

Must-See Route & Awards Recycling


Win de Innovation of Participation Award!


Participation Award
De Participation Award wordt uitgereikt aan de exposant die het meeste uit zijn beursdeelname probeert te halen. Door goed voorbereid naar de beurs te komen, deel te nemen aan de uitnodigingsservice, een mooie stand te presenteren en proactief standpersoneel in te zetten etc. Voor deze award geldt dat elke exposant tijdens de beurs beoordeeld wordt door een vakkundige jury.

Bekijk hier de checklist waar u aan moet voldoen om kans te maken op de Participation Award.

Neem deel aan de Must-See Route en win de Innovation Award 
De Innovation Award is een publieksprijs die uitgereikt wordt aan de exposant die op zijn stand het meest innovatieve en bijzondere product presenteert. Iedere beursbezoeker kan via de Must-See Route alle deelnemende innovaties bekijken en één stem uitbrengen. Extra exposure op diverse manieren dus!

Wat moet u doen om kans te maken op de Innovation Award?

Meld uw innovatie nu aan via onderstaand formulier, de deadline hiervoor is 9 oktober 2017 10:00 uur. Stuur uw bedrijfslogo en een foto van uw innovatie toe aan Deelname is kosteloos. Neem uw innovatie mee naar de beurs!
U kunt als exposant één innovatie aanmelden, uw aanmelding voor de Must-See Route is pas definitief wanneer deze wordt goedgekeurd door de organisatie.

Schrijf u nu in om deel te nemen aan de Must-See Route!



Our Full Service Formula makes us unique

  • A fully built, finished and cleaned stand unit: floor space, walls, a frieze with your company name, duo spot lighting and carpeting
  • Unlimited use of the exclusive catering facilities of the various terraces on the exhibition floor for you and your associates
  • Two exhibitor badges, including meals at the exhibitor restaurant
  • Free forklifting service
  • The invitation service

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The project team for this exhibition

An experienced, resourceful team of top fair experts are at your service. An event manager, consultant and product manager will seamlessly handle  your participation. A team perfectly capable  in organizing  the  fair in line with your message and target audience. All based on personal attention, tailor-made and high-quality service. Together we will ensure that you get the most out of your fair participation.